Whether it's threaded nipples, special lengths of polished pipe, or standard full lengths, Shaw Stainless can provide it.
Shaw Stainless manufactures rigid stainless steel conduit in 304 and 316 for corrosive environments and sanitary applications. Our stainless conduit comes polished in ten foot lengths threaded both ends with standard rigid conduit threads and includes one stainless coupling per length.
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Identifying Threads
Identifying Threads   #2
Machining Machining Machining
Custom Threading Machine Threads Flex Hose
Machining Machining Machining
Custom Lengther Nipple Thread One End Nipple Bent Nipple
  Pipe Threads
Pipe Threading
NPT American Standard Pipe Taper Thread
NPSC American Standard Straight Coupling Pipe Thread
NPTR American Standard Taper Railing Pipe Thread
NPSM American Standard Straight Mechanical Pipe Thread
NPSL American Standard Straight Locknut Pipe Thread
NPTF American Standard Pipe Thread Tapered (Dryseal)
BSPP British Standard Pipe Thread Parallel
BSPT British Standard Pipe Thread Tapered