Pipe Fabrication

Shaw Stainless & Alloy Piping’s pipe fabrication division ensures that each project meets customer specifications, from accuracy to cost-effectiveness, to quality and on-time delivery. Our controlled work environment provides efficient productivity, quality assurance / quality control, and safety. Our experienced craftsmen provide on-time construction to minimize lost production with versatile responsiveness.

Our clients rely on us to meet their aggressive schedules and deadlines. Whether it's a small pipe spool or fitting to a complex piping system Shaw Stainless & Alloy Piping, can get the job done. Our facilities have the ability to handle pipe and tube up to 60" diameter in all schedules. Our highly-trained welders work with stainless steel, nickel alloys, chromium molybdenum, carbon steel and many other alloys.

Shaw Stainless & Alloy manufactures/fabricates large diameter steel pipe and fittings up through 72 inch diameter for:
• Water Transmission Lines - Potable Water Supply
• Water Treatment - Plant Interior and Yard Process Piping
• Waste Water Treatment Plants - Plant Interior and Yard Process Piping
• Raw Water Intake - With Stainless Steel Air Burst
• Pumping Stations - Suction/Discharge/By-pass

Generally, pipe and fittings are manufactured to AWWA standards - shop applied coatings and linings are applied in accordance with
AWWA standards. Some of the most common standards used for carbon and stainless steel are as follows:
• AWWA C200 Steel Water Pipe - 6" and Larger
• AWWA C205 Cement Mortar Lining and Coating for Steel Water Pipe 4" and Larger - Shop Applied
• AWWA C207 Steel Pipe Flanges for Waterworks Service - Sizes 3" through 72"
• AWWA C208 Dimensions for Fabricated Steel Water Pipe Fittings
• AWWA C209 Cold-Applied Tape Coatings for the Exterior of Special Sections, Connections, and Fittings for Steel Water Pipelines
• AWWA C210 Liquid Epoxy Coating Systems for the Interior and Exterior of Steel Water Pipelines
• AWWA C214 Tape Coatings Systems for the Exterior of Steel Water Pipelines

Shaw Stainless & Alloy Specializes in Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication.

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  Certfied to:
  ASME B31.1

  Non-Destructive Testing Services
  Available (NDT):

  X-RAY (Radiograph testing)
  Dye Penetrant / Liquid Penetrant
  Hydro Testing
  Mag Particle
  Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  Visual QA/QC
  1st Article inspections

  Welding Services:
  Pulse TIG (Reduces heat and warping
   in stainless, increases accuracy)

  Purge Welding – Gas Backed
  Stick (SMAW)
  Submerged Arc (SAW)
  Flux Core (FCAW)
  Surface Tension Transfer Pipe (STT)

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 Custom Pipe Fabrication

We use only qualified welders, and the best procedures including inert argon gas purging to manufacture and fabricate your piping systems. The stainless steel material is carefully protected and welds are passivated to assure you a long lasting aesthetically pleasing system for your plant. Stainless steel fabrication poses unique challenges that are different from carbon steels. Welding stainless steels causes more distortion and warping that carbon steel. Also, care must be taken throughout the fabrication process to ensure the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel is maintained. Shaw's extensive experience with stainless steel alloys and our special fabrication technology allows us to overcome these significant challenges.

Shaw can provide isometric drawings of pipe lines using CAD software. This service allows a
better planning of priorities and improves production lead time. Shop sketches are also
prepared for every spool assembly, which facilitates assembly operations and eliminates
most errors otherwise taking place.

Shaw also offers shop spooling of pipe lines in accordance with drawings and
specifications. This is far more economical than field assembly and assures timely
supply and workmanship of quality. With Shaw supplying spooling, several additional
cost savings can be achieved such as cost of scrap, site inventory control, restocking charges & transportation both ways of surplus.

Purge Welding
Purge Welding